Leveraging Parenting Break during Mid Career

Was it easy to take a career break?

Was it easy to live life peacefully after 14 years of thriving professional life?

What lead me to move from Learning & Development Professional to become Human Values Parenting Coach!!!

I remember in October 2014 (5 years back), when I decided to take a career break (my children were 9 & 4 years old), I felt like getting down from the running train. We all know, how buzy is the schedule of working parent (especially Mother)? Suddenly I felt like there was a big pause in my life.

I had lot questions in my mind which delayed my decision of taking a career break by almost a year.

  • What will happen next?
  • What will I do at home?
  • Will I get my desired position and organization again when I decide to work again?

Lot of doubts, fear, uncertainty, anxiety along with guilt of not giving enough time to growing children. In midst of confusion and distress, I finally took a decision to quit my beloved job in October 2014 to give the best gift of my life to my daughter whose birthday was coming in September.

Being inquisitive to learn and passion for self development, I enrolled myself for the course “Basic TA 101” as I had an opportunity to understand about the topic during one of the programs I organized before leaving the job. Understanding about transactional analysis in 2 days course gave me a realization that I missed so many things in my role as a parent in the initial years and I was practicing wrong techniques to nurture positive behaviour in my child during the limited time when I was available to my elder child. This two days lead me to join one year group training to enrich my knowledge in understanding about human dynamics. Along with the course I continued my quest to enhance my knowledge and practice as an evolved Parent which introduced me to Counselling, Human Values and Spirituality.

There were times when moments led me to feel as a failure mother as nothing seemed to work. It was like a marathon of events at times. Every next moment, I was challenged with some new problem. Specially my son because it was a big change for him. Many times he gave me a look as If I am not required. I should go back to work. However I continued my studies, research, learning and application of different techniques as I understood “Why Parenting is Crucial in Formative Years?”

From 2014 onward, I did lot of research, experimented different techniques about child’s behavior, parenting practices. In my last 5 years of journey of engaging with my inner SELF and children through various experienced professionals, courses and seminars, I could connect the dots and found out the root cause of the problems while dealing with children. Why there is so much dilemma, stress and emotional drain to manage children?”

Being a working Mom, the emotional pain I have gone through, stressful helpless time I spent with my children gave me strength to take restless efforts to understand the basic principles of parenting based on “Human Values ” which I would like to share with all the parents who are facing challenges in their life at different phases.

Human Values Parenting is all about connecting with child at emotional & spiritual level. It also covers, understanding your own emotions and behaviors as a parent and then adjusting parenting style as per situation. My Parenting Coaching is based on principal of Love & Law. Love is foundation of all core values. Love encompasses all the Wisdom. Love is Truth, Love is Righteousness, Love is Peace, Love is Non Violence.

I was able to figure out mistakes I made as a parent with my elder child and applied new knowledge and techniques to raise my younger child.

With five years of dedicated efforts to understand my children made me think- there will be many more parents who are struggling to play their parenting role, in absence of right knowledge and techniques to raise children who can be happy and responsible adults.

I last 3 years, I have helped 100+ parents to connect with their children through various activities. I find an immense joy in playing my role as a Mother and thinking all the time “How can I equip myself with required skills and knowledge as a Parent which child deserves to get.”

I discovered the acronym of “PARENT” which describes the qualities one need to demonstrate in day to day activities.

P – Patience & Perseverance

A – Accepting child with innate nature & Adaptability

R – Respect for Child & Responsible for Child’s WATCH (Words, Actions, Thoughts, Character & Heart)

E – Empathetic Listening

N – Nurturing uniqueness of child

T – Trust in Child’s potential

I know each Parent is giving their best with their limited knowledge and awareness in the absence of right parenting coaching.

I want to share 3 focus areas to play your role as a fulfilling Parent which I learnt from My Mentor Dr. Laura Markham:

1.      Knowing & Managing Oneself (Values, Beliefs, Goals in Life)

2.      Building Inner Connect with Child (Emotional & Spiritual)

3.      Coaching instead of Controlling Child (any age)

Today, purpose of my life is to make parents understand about Human Values Parenting and live more fulfilled life with better relationships.

Being a Parent means understanding the Human Values and how to nurture it. It is a big responsibility, an adventure, every moment learning something new , self growth and many more unique experiences!!!

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