PARENTING – How To Role Model Leadership?

Not all children can be leaders. We need to raise them to be leaders? Yes, true we can!

Each parent is the LEADER in family.  Be a Role Model; connect to children through your THOUGHTS, WORDS & ACTIONS.

How to Exhibit LEADERSHIP? Let’s understand!!!!


LOVE your child and accept them without conditions. To do this, first love your own self, appreciate the ROLE you PLAY as a Parent or as an individual.

LEARNING continuously – everyday. Be open to learn new Skills, adapt to changes and exploring new things

LISTENING actively then just hearing. Practise less of instructing/ lecturing/ advising when child wants to talk to you.


EMPATHETIC approach to understand what your child thinks & feels.


ACUMEN building of your child by understanding strengths (strong areas). Allowing different experiences acquaintance, appropriate to age (people, place and project). Build up real confidence by supporting their interests.

ATTITUDE building by positive in Thoughts, Words and Actions. Project yourself happy when handling difficulties and situations.


DISCIPLINE your child as age appropriate. Parents know what to do, when. Be calm & sensitive. Make child understand permissible limits & outcome of all actions.

DISCRIMINATION about right and wrong action / decision. Guide the children to understand the situation, judge and take decisions. Teach your child to follow the benefits of instincts/sixth sense (Soul’s voice)


ENERGETIC & EXCITED about all the events in life. Each phase has its own beauty. Enjoy “NOW” “PRESENT” moments.

ENTHUSIASTIC to handle life’s situations.  Be solution oriented, find ways and never give up when faced with challenges.


RESPONSIBILITY comes with accountability. Teach your child to accept his thinking, speech and actions. Make child responsible and allow to take age appropriate tasks.

RIGHTEOUSNESS to learn fair ways to do every work and using one’s wisdom while making choices.

“SHIP” – Show His/hers Inner Potential

Understand which Talent / Skill /Intelligence your child is a King / Queen at and nurture Life’s SHIP. “Knowing One Self” will make your child HAPPY and CONFIDENT in Life.

Children acquire intelligence primarily from their parents. They do so by observing how their parents respond to circumstances and how they manage their own emotions. 

 “If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then, you are an excellent leader.”

― Dolly Parton

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